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Cultivating Your Child's Excellence

In a year filled with so many learning challenges, your kids will benefit more than ever from having a math, reading and writing curriculum that’s built around their unique needs. 

While your kids will advance their math, reading and writing skills, BLE Academy is equally about instilling valuable life skills, like perseverance, work ethic, self-motivation and the confidence to tackle any challenge. Within our tutoring program, we also offer foreign languages, STEM, and Coding.

As your kids progress, you’ll see them developing skills beyond math and reading, giving you confidence that they are prepared to succeed in life. Our parents tell us they see their kids’ focus and attention spans increase—two essential skills for getting the most out of class time and completing homework and tests.

Many parents are most excited about their kids’ off-the-charts confidence. They tell us they even notice it positively affecting other activities, such as sports and music. This confidence can propel them to greater success in all areas of life.

Parents can’t believe how BLE imparts a greater drive to persevere in their kids. That determination is a skill that isn’t easily taught but develops naturally as kids progress over time.

Many parents have realized that school alone isn’t enough. If your child is facing difficulties, let us help. Even if your child is excelling, we can provide the challenges that'll keep them engaged and ready for a future of excellence. The key is to start early, before poor work habits and weak skills become a habit.

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How It Works

Students that participate in the BLE Academy Tutoring Program take classes twice per week so that they get the academic assistance they need in order to excel in their respective subject matter.

Tutoring classes are Monday thru Saturday at various times (generally after 3:00pm). Parents are under no long term obligations as tutoring is month to month. 

See below for a list of tutoring classes that we offer.


Language Arts

Elementary ELA



Middle School ELA

High School Writing

High School ELA


Elementary Mathematics


Algebra I

Algebra II









American Sign Language





Life Planning (aka Adulting)

Physical Education

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