BLE Academy's Online Summer Camp Program encourages kids to associate, create, explore, grow, imagine, share and thrive. Our activities list includes interactive STEM and math literacy-building topics, language exploration, social activities, and creative outlets in teacher-led groups from 12 noon to 4PM, Monday to Friday.  Our summer camp it available to BLE and non-BLE students.

With our Online Summer Camp Program, each child may choose 3 activities.  No child is the same, therefore we offer a variety of activities to suit your child's interests.  Pick activities based on your child's interest and learning desire, so you create a package to keep your child entertained, engaged, and constantly learning. 

Pricing: $315 per month for a single student; $300 for more than one student. Add additional activities for $50 per activity.

Camp starts on June 21, 2021.  Register here.