Young Picassos

Young Picassos

"Every Child is an Artist" ~ Pablo Picasso 


In this 4 week long art class, children will learn new art techniques and create a masterpiece every week. We will also tie in science, history, math or literature to every art lesson!  This is a beginners level art class. Students will learn many different skills and understand how to use a variety of art materials. Elements of art and principals of design will be incorporated in the lessons and the children will discover where and when to apply them. Each week, a new lesson will be taught and the art mediums will vary. At the end of each class, the completed artwork will showcase what the child has learned!


Art lessons will be presented and taught in an order that really capitalizes on how children learn and how they can build upon what they've learned in the previous weeks.  These classes are designed to include a bit of science, history, math or literature, which is all age appropriate and developmentally suitable.


**Participation in the classroom discussion will be required to check for proper understanding and to promote a sense of community among enrolled learners. Participation may include thoughtful posts, offering feedback to other learners and/or uploading videos of thoughts or questions.

  • Supply List

    Basic materials to have ready include:

    • construction or sulphite paper
    • watercolor paper
    • crayons
    • markers
    • watercolor paints
    • acrylic paints
    • paintbrushes
    • oil pastels
    • pencil
    • eraser
    • foam sheet
    • glue stick
    • scissors

    *Specific supply lists will be shared before the start of each lesson

    Most of the above materials can be found at a Dollar brand store.

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