Junior MasterChef (Grades 7-12th)

Junior MasterChef (Grades 7-12th)

An exciting and an interactive 8-week course with classes once per week that will enrich your hands-on cooking and life skills! 


Want to cook from your heart? Want to enjoy making your own delicious and healthy food? Get cooking with natural ingredients and make delicious nourishing healthy food that will take your food to the next level! You will learn shoulder to shoulder from your instructor and health & nutrition coach. Weekly course plan depends on the skills, experience and interest of the students. All classes aim at strengthening the students’ life skills as well.


Please find more below under "Learning Goals".

Class 1:

  • Introduction (instructor, students and course plan) 
  • Kitchen safety & hygiene
  • Knife Skills (we will use one of the coolest methods for you to learn and practice your knife skills)


Class 2:

  • Pizza from scratch: In this class, students will learn how to make their own pizza including the dough in a simple, healthy and delicious way (no need for yeast!)


Class 3:

  • Mastering Sushi: Students will learn the basics of making sushi and will create their own sushi rolls


Class 4:

  • Breakfast smoothie making: Students will learn how to get creative with making their smoothies


Class 5:

  • Snacks: Students will learn how to make healthy and delicious snacks


Class 6:

  • Desserts: Students will enjoy learning how to make nutritious and delicious desserts including chocolate pudding


* please notify me when you register for the course of any food allergies or sensitivities to suggest substitutions for you.

** Ingredients list will be provided before class so students can get their ingredients. Please let me know if you could not locate an ingredient and I will provide you with substitutions


All levels are welcome ranging from beginners to experts.


Class Time:

One 1-Hour class each week for 8 weeks


Learning activities:

  • Live hands-on cooking or demonstration
  • Planning, organization and creativity
  • Printable resources


Potential final project: Students will present their own dish that they created using local, seasonal and fresh ingredients and provide their own recipe. Students will use the skills they learned throughout the course. This is a fun chance for the students to practice presentation, creativity and taste of their dishes!

  • Learning Goals

    - Healthy cooking, using local seasonal ingredients, that will enable the students to be engaged, creative and confident in the kitchen

    - Learning the basics around kitchen safety, cooking/baking skills, cleanliness and organization.

    - Connecting the students to their food and help them understand the process of making whole foods from scratch

    - Measuring, mixing, chopping and cooking your way through a variety of delicious recipes

    - The students will leave the class inspired with new invaluable skills

  • Homework

    Students will be encouraged to create their dishes outside class time using the ingredients used in class. Towards the end of the course, the students will be asked to prepare a healthy meal or food of their choice and share it live with the class. This activity will show how much the students have learned and encourage the students to use their creativity.

  • Parental Involvment

    Parental guidance is required in the first class for monitoring knife skills unless the student is used to handling the knife on his own.

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