Guitar's Hero (Grades 7th-12th)

Guitar's Hero (Grades 7th-12th)

This course will take you from having never touched a guitar to being able to confidently play some of your favorite songs. You will sound amazing.


This is the ultimate course for complete beginners. Students will learn the basics of guitar performance and theory, not through rote exercises, but by doing. Over the course of 4 weeks they will go from having no former knowledge to being able to play and perform some of their favorite songs. This class removes all of the pain and tedium of traditional music education in favor of emphasizing only what is necessary for maximizing the joy of playing music for oneself and others.


Live classes will be held once per week, for an hour per session, for four weeks. During this time students will be taught basic music and guitar theory and technique as it applies to working toward playing their selected songs. They will be shown tips and tricks for sounding good that most guitarists don't learn until they are professionals. Lastly, they will be taught how to practice in a way that isn't monotonous or frustrating.


All students need a guitar for this course.  


NOTE: Normally these are group lessons. They need to be an hour long so that I can check in with and give personal attention to every student. However, in the event that only one student shows up for class, we will have an abbreviated class of thirty minutes.  Students will still learn all of the material that is normally taught, however, it will simply take less time with one student.

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