American Sign Language (Levels 1-3))

American Sign Language (Levels 1-3))

Students will have the opportunity to engage and be active participants in their direction. Everyday will be viewed as a learning opportunity and group development. The entire class is encouraged to work together and ask questions. There are different types of learners and each learning style is encouraged.


Learning will be set up like a baseball field consisting of bases. Each week will be a base of focus. Home is where everyone starts with locating the passion to learn a visual language and kindling that enthusiasm. First base will focus on sign appreciation with general coverage of basic signs and kinetics. We will go through basic greeting and finger spelling. Students will be given a list of combination words to practice.


Second base will be titled ‘Life or Deaf’. This section will go combination into Deaf culture and how ASL is an extension of that culture. We will discuss how Sign languages form and develops within the community. Videos links will be given for discussion before class.


Third base will focus on more advance application of ASL W/WH questions and how they are used with facial expressions.


Using ASL is the same as any language should, with application. It’s time for a home run where everything is put into practice. The learners will start every lesson with telling us a ‘gestured story’ of their choice to get them comfortable with using there sign space.

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