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Putting the Control in Your Hands

Every child has the right to a high-quality education that provides the skills, knowledge, and confidence they'll need to move forward in life. However, not every student succeeds in a traditional school setting. Some students move more quickly than their peers. Others need extra attention.


Most homeschool programs provide students with an overwhelming course load or one that's complicated and has both the student and the parent confused. BLE Academy approaches homeschool differently. Student will receive all of their textbooks and materials at the beginning of the school year and have the ability to dictate how soon they complete their course load. While we have available a sample schedule to help assist a student when trying to complete their  assignments, homeschooling allows a child the flexibility they need to complete their assignments each day. 

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Homeschooling with a Twist

Grades K-12

With our Homeschool Program, students receive their textbooks and materials at the beginning of the school year. This program allows students the flexibility that they need in life to work at their own pace. With this program, the parent serves as the teacher and the student works at a self-paced level. What's even better, students can join in on school activities such as the daily discussion a scriptural text & school announcements, socialize in the virtual school cafeteria during lunchtime, regular school field trips, and other school activities.

Our Homeschool Students are assigned a Guidance Coach and can participate in our monthly virtual field trips. For an additional fee, students can utilize our tutoring services.


Elementary Homeschool

K to 6th Grade: Designed to encourage and support children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Young learners will receive assignments weekly in: Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Art & Music*, and Health with Physical Education*.  

Middle School Homeschool

Grades 7th & 8th: In middle school, core classes in English, Math, Science, Health, Physical Education* and Social Studies are priority.  Students will also benefit from Art and Financial Literacy courses*. We also focus on building on student's knowledge base learned in elementary school, make real world application of that knowledge, and prepare the students for high school. 

High School Homeschool

Grades 9-12:  Students in this program will receive all core subjects (English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education*).

* Art, Music, and Physical Education are available as Live classes for an additional costs.