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Putting the Control in Your Hands

Every child has the right to a high-quality education that provides the skills, knowledge, and confidence they'll need to move forward in life. However, not every student succeeds in a traditional school setting. Some students move more quickly than their peers. Others need extra attention.

BLE uses cloud technology to provide a rigorous, interactive curriculum and high-quality educational experiences that give students an opportunity to succeed.


Most homeschool programs provide students with an overwhelming course load or one that's complicated and has both the student and the parent confused.  BLE Academy approaches homeschool differently.  Students receive their school assignments each week on Monday and have until Sunday evening to complete them.  While we have available a sample schedule to help assist a student when trying to complete their weekly assignments, homeschooling allows a child the flexibility they need to complete their assignments each week. 


These assignments fuse a secular education with a theocratic one.  Lessons will include:

  • Live online textbooks that can be accessed via apps found in your Apple and Android Playstore

  • Reading material and book reports.

  • Instructional animated videos that are narrated by teachers in the respective fields of study

  • Theocratic  research assignments using the WOL and YPA Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

  • Along with field trips, movies, and projects. 

The level of work and type of assignments are based on a personalized Learning Plan.  These learning plans incorporate their Educational and Personality Assessments that are taken when they first enroll so that we can provide them with an education that works for them, not against them.  Along with their assignment, their is a focus on reading.  All students receive books to read throughout the school year.

Online Learning


Homeschool students in grades 4th thru 12th also have the ability to substitute certain course for Live Virtual Classes. Students can choose to do their Core or Elective classes online and do the rest of their classes on their own.  Just select the option in Step 3 when enrolling.


Grades K-12


Elementary Homeschool

Designed to encourage and support children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.  Young learners will receive assignments weekly in: Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Art & Music, and Health with Physical Education.  


Middle School Homeschool

Grades 7 and 8.  In middle school, we focus on building a students' knowledge and skill base.  


High School Homeschool

For grades 9 - 12, students in this program not only receive all core subjects but will also receive 15-18 elective by the time they successfully complete the 12th grade.  Students who successfully complete their classes will receive a high school diploma.