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Finishing What You Started

Completing this GED®/HiSet™ preparation class will help you be ready to earn your high school equivalency diploma. The diploma shows you have the same knowledge as someone who completed high school in the United States. This is a big accomplishment. Not only will you gain an education, but you will have better job choices.

Depending on what state you live in, the diploma will either be called a GED® credential or a HiSet™ credential. Completing the four classes – Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math – will prepare you for your exams.


Test takers can choose courses that focus on one of the GED test's four subject areas or comprehensive courses that cover the entire content of the exam. Some prep courses also include college-readiness training to prepare students for admission to their postsecondary education or training program of choice.
Several in-person and online course options are available to help fit students' schedules and study preferences. Whatever the course chosen, proper preparation for the four-part, 7.5-hour GED test is critical. According to the GED Testing Service, examinees who study for the GED exam have a much greater chance of passing it.

Online Learning.


Our courses offer a comprehensive review of topics covered on each subject test. Instruction is delivered through short video lessons that allow students to break up their study time into manageable sessions. Self-checking quizzes are also included to help track your progress.

College Student


Our live Virtual classes allow you to have the assistance that you need when it comes to understanding the areas of study. This 9-week course is conducted in once a week for two hours in the evening. Since the Live classes are online, you can log in from anywhere with a internet connection. These interactive classes provide you with a Live teacher that will answer questions and explain information in more detail as you go through each course.


90 - Day Self Paced Course


90-Day Course

Prep Course includes GED prep classes in Reading/Writing, History, Science, and Math. Along with your courses, you'll have access to practice tests to test your knowledge along the way. This is a course that's self paced.  Whether you do it on your lunch break or in the middle of the night, you study on your time!


Live Virtual Class

Prep for your GED with a Live, Teacher instructed class.