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Our goal is to work towards the success and the growth of the school.  We care for the needs of our students and parents.  We ensure compliance to State and Federal agencies.  We manage our systems to ensure that our teachers have the resources they need in order to educate our students.  We work together as a team to create a successful school environment.

Special Education Coach (PT)

Special education coach works to assist in the academic and spiritual success of our special needs students. The essential purpose of special education coach is to ensure that our special needs students and their families have access to the appropriate supports and interventions in order to facilitate improved achievement here at BLE Academy.

In addition to facilitating academic and intellectual growth, the special needs coach will work to improve a student’s ability to function in social, emotional, and behavioral capacities. 

Pay Range: $15-$25 per hour*


  • Work with Clinical Director and Behavior Specialist to complete behavioral assessments for assigned students

  • Train staff on behavior plans and provide support with managing challenging behaviors (including data collection)

  • Assist set up of initial behavior program and review casebook for assigned students

  • Attend behavioral clinical, educational program review, and classroom meetings

  • Provide direct instruction to the students in the areas of academics and self-care (ADLs)

  • Prepare paperwork and order material

  • Implement daily classroom schedule as designed by the Teachers and modify as necessary to address behavioral needs

  • Assist in evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral procedures using reliable observation and analysis of each student's behavior (baseline and treatment). Collects data on behaviors as indicated on the data sheet (e.g., frequency, duration, interval, etc.)

  • Implement programs per the Short Term Objectives (STOs) and collects data on programs as indicated in the program book and (e.g., discrete trial, chaining, shaping etc.) per the program schedule

  • Works with child therapist, teachers, parents, and students to ensure a team collaboration for student's success.

  • Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans created by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Clinical Supervisors



  • Demonstrated proficiency in using applied behavioral analysis

  • Background in behavioral studies

  • Knowledge of budgeting a plus

  • Ability to obtain Autism Certification via International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards within 60 days of contract start date.

  • Educational coursework completed in the areas of: Child Development, Special Education, Psychology, or a related field is preferred for Behavioral Therapists positions

  • Energetic people with a passion to help children and families overcome large obstacles

  • A minimum of six months experience working with children, with special needs (especially Autism), is preferred

  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills (REQUIRED)

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills (REQUIRED)

  • Detail-oriented and efficient

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Volunteer Opportunities

BLE Academy is looking for volunteers with experience in a public or private school setting, Administrative Support, Human Resources, or Accounting.  If you have a particular skill or trade that you feel will help BLE Academy, we encourage you to contact us to create an opportunity for you. If you do not see a volunteer opportunity that interests you, we encourage you to contact us to find out more about our programs and services in order to match your skills to our organization. 

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* Rate of pay is determined by your country and region