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Our goal is to work towards the success and the growth of the school.  We care for the needs of our students and parents.  We ensure compliance to State and Federal agencies.  We manage our systems to ensure that our teachers have the resources they need in order to educate our students.  We work together as a team to create a successful school environment.

Special Education Coach (PT)

Special education coach works to assist in the academic and spiritual success of our special needs students. The essential purpose of special education coach is to ensure that our special needs students and their families have access to the appropriate supports and interventions in order to facilitate improved achievement here at BLE Academy.

In addition to facilitating academic and intellectual growth, the special needs coach will work to improve a student’s ability to function in social, emotional, and behavioral capacities. 

Pay Range: $15-$25 per hour*


  • Work with Clinical Director and Behavior Specialist to complete behavioral assessments for assigned students

  • Train staff on behavior plans and provide support with managing challenging behaviors (including data collection)

  • Assist set up of initial behavior program and review casebook for assigned students

  • Attend behavioral clinical, educational program review, and classroom meetings

  • Provide direct instruction to the students in the areas of academics and self-care (ADLs)

  • Prepare paperwork and order material

  • Implement daily classroom schedule as designed by the Teachers and modify as necessary to address behavioral needs

  • Assist in evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral procedures using reliable observation and analysis of each student's behavior (baseline and treatment). Collects data on behaviors as indicated on the data sheet (e.g., frequency, duration, interval, etc.)

  • Implement programs per the Short Term Objectives (STOs) and collects data on programs as indicated in the program book and (e.g., discrete trial, chaining, shaping etc.) per the program schedule

  • Works with child therapist, teachers, parents, and students to ensure a team collaboration for student's success.

  • Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans created by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Clinical Supervisors



  • Demonstrated proficiency in using applied behavioral analysis

  • Background in behavioral studies

  • Knowledge of budgeting a plus

  • Ability to obtain Autism Certification via International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards within 60 days of contract start date.

  • Educational coursework completed in the areas of: Child Development, Special Education, Psychology, or a related field is preferred for Behavioral Therapists positions

  • Energetic people with a passion to help children and families overcome large obstacles

  • A minimum of six months experience working with children, with special needs (especially Autism), is preferred

  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills (REQUIRED)

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills (REQUIRED)

  • Detail-oriented and efficient

If you're interested and these qualifications match yours, please click on the Apply button and submit your resume.

Administrative Assistant (PT)

We are looking for an Administrative Assistant to undertake a variety of administrative tasks part-time. You will help in planning and organizing programs and activities as well as carry out important operational duties.

You must be organized, a self starter, and detail-oriented.  The ideal candidate will also have exceptional time management skills and be able to meet deadlines.

The goal will be to assist the Teaching Department with various Reporting tasks and to assist parents and teachers with school lesson plans, School Board submissions and requests, Grading and reporting, and other duties as assigned.

Pay Range: $15-$20 per Hour *



  • Assist teachers in preparation of Lesson Plans

  • Create Teaching Department Newsletters and memos

  • Update grades for students in our Homeschool Program

  • Create and manage all student report cards.

  • Update student transcripts

  • Track/Monitor High School students credit criteria

  • Ensure technology is used correctly for all operations (video conferencing presentations, school app etc.)

  • Prepare paperwork for School Board reviews

  • Keep updated records and create reports or proposals

  • Setup Parent Teacher conferences as needed or by requests

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Proven experience as Administrative Assistant or relevant position is a plus

  • Attention to detail and excellent time management and organizational skills (REQUIRED)

  • Self starter

  • Tech savvy, proficient in social media and cloud based programs

  • Ability to work independently

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

If you're interested and these qualifications match yours, please click on the Apply button and submit your resume.

Accounting Coordinator (PT)

BLE Academy is looking for a Accounting Coordinator who is ready to hit the ground running, and hungry for a challenge!  In this position, you will be a core member of a hands-on team that meets weekly to identify and brainstorm solutions for short and long-term accounting, billing, and finance issues. We are excited to add a new member to our lively and witty team!

This position involves all aspects of the billing cycle from invoice generation to collections. This position will also be largely involved with our Accounts Payable process, helping with vendor management, building successful business relationships, and keeping accurate reports.

Pay Range: $15-30 per Hour *


  • Create tuition Invoices weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

  • Monitor and respond to email correspondence.

  • Extract reports from accounting software (Quickbooks) into requested formats.

  • Transcribe Accounts Receivable notes and enter into accounting software.

  • Aid in data entry for received Accounts Payable invoices.

  • Schedule and organize meetings/events and maintain agenda

  • Other Finance duties as needed and/or assigned.


  • 1 to 3 years Accounting job experience OR relevant Associates/Bachelors degree

  • Experience with accounting software – Quickbooks a plus

  • Knowledge of budgeting a plus

  • Intermediate experience with Word and Excel

  • Ability to work independently

  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills (REQUIRED)

  • Basic understanding of general accounting (GAAP): AP/AR/Collections

  • Extreme attention to detail and accuracy

If you're interested and these qualifications match yours, please click on the Apply button and submit your resume.

Guidance Coach (PT)

BLE Academy is looking fora Guidance Coach to join our administrative staff. The successful candidate will divide his or her time equally between administrative tasks and providing students with guidance and support. He or she must always be available to students who need help with academic challenges, social stress or other issues that might emerge during the school year. Our Guidance Coaches also serve as a point of contact for both parents and teachers in order to assist with the success of the students. If you want to join an educational environment that truly values its students and employees, we are excited to talk with you.

Pay Range: $15-20 per Hour *


  • Work within a guidance program that provides students with a safe and non-judgmental way to voice their concerns or worries

  • Conduct weekly Guidance Coach sessions in small groups with students in order to discuss various issues that affect young ones.

  • Assist school administrators and educators with planning and carrying out school-related programs and events

  • Analyze student performance in the classroom to provide guidance and identify potential problems

  • Learn students' names, spiritual and career objectives and other details so you can better serve them

  • Help students develop academic plans in accordance with their skills, talents and strengths

  • Work collaboratively with parents and other supportive staff

  • Facilitate crisis intervention and prevention programs

  • Communicate with teachers, parents and administrators on an ongoing basis about behavioral and academic problems


  • Minimum of 1 year working in a Primary school environments

  • Excellent communication and organization skills

  • Ability to balance administrative and support services efficient

  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills (REQUIRED)

  • Extreme attention to detail and accuracy

If you're interested and these qualifications match yours, please click on the Apply button and submit your resume.

* Rate of pay is determined by your country and region


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