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BLE Academy Private Virtual School

$6,500.00 2022/2023 School Year

Homeschool Fit Program

$1,000 per child/per program


Allowing children anywhere in the world, to live their Best Life school day at a time!

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A New Way to Educate

At BLE, our goal is to educate our students while focusing on their academic, intellectual, and spiritual growth. 

We understand that teaching a student to take a test is not the only way to gauge if they are grasping the concepts that they are learning in the classroom. Students need support. Students need a team that surrounds them and roots for their success. 

We provide our students with smaller class sizes, coaches that work with them on a weekly basis, and teachers that go above and beyond to help them successfully reach their full potential.

We also understand that a virtual learning enviornment isn't all that a child needs. Our students enjoy both in-person and virtual activities each month. With teachers and students that span across nine countries, our students are able to meet brothers and sisters from various backgrounds and learn from one another. 


We are a small team of Teachers, Coaches, and Administrators dedicated to helping children improve their lives. The transformative learning process at BLE Academy is designed to help our students grow in and out of the classroom. Students learn to use their thinking ability to reason and learn from a hands-on approach to learning.


Founded in 2016, BLE Academy is a private school based in Virginia, USA.


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We work hard for our students. BLE Academy provides small class sizes, special education pullouts, and 1-on-1 guidance and support. We are proud to say that 62% of our student population has a B+ grade average or higher.


With students and faculty that span nine countries and three continents, our school teaches students anywhere in the world between the grades of Kindergarten and 12th grade.  


A Borderless School

We've made it a point to ensure that as long as a child has an internet connection, they can learn at our school from anywhere in the world.

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No two children are alike and neither should their education. We provide customized Learning Plans that work WITH your child's educational development rather than against it. Our lesson plans are also structured so that children not only learn the fundamentals in education, but also reinforce the theocratic education that is taught in order to get through these current times


We strive to better our students through educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. From starting each school day with a daily scriptural text, to a structured Live Online class schedule, to our individualized homeschool program, our mission at BLE Academy is to create a place where students feel safe to tackle obstacles and accomplish all of their goals. We offer a variety of opportunities to help students be the best version of themselves, while having some fun along the way.


Tiffanie C. Brown